Wedding in Milos island, Greece: All you need to know

February 15, 2021

All of us at Think Happy Events are secretly (or not so secretly!) in love with Milos island. It is a summer destination that will forever be our immediate answer to all the wedding location questions! Maybe, it is because we have been on the island hundreds of times and it keeps inspiring us. Or because it has a unique high-end yet down-to-earth feeling to it!

Milos, Greece welcomes everyone. But it is particularly popular with couples, which find in the serene natural landscape of Milos the perfect setting for their romantic holidays. Indeed, the numerous caves, mysterious catacombs, and emerald Milos beaches squeeze enough charm to bewitch any traveler. Sounds ideal? Destination Weddings in Milos are refined and sophisticated every time, while the island can host different kinds of weddings, depending on each couple’s style: Fine Art, Elegant, or Bohemian, every Milos wedding has a secret charm – the magnificent island and its dreamy sunsets!

Video by Vasilis Kantarakis

Weddings in Milos: A few things about the island

To many, this is the most exotic island in the Aegean, because of its extraordinary colors and landscape. Certainly, Milos is one of the most impressive islands in the Cyclades. Volcanic rocks paint the beaches red, pink, and orange. Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, with their white rock formations, emerald green waters, and caves eroded by the sea, are steeped in stories of pirates. The catacombs, the beaches, the multicolored settlements of Klima, Emborios, and Mandrakia, with their quaint buildings, cut into the cliffs and Plaka’s sunsets… And let’s not forget that this is where the Venus de Milo – the exquisite life-sized marble statue believed to be the goddess Aphrodite, now housed in the Louvre museum – was discovered. All of these cry out in unison: Milos is definitely unique!

Milos is THE Destination

Greek islands are indeed beautiful with lots of things to see and to do. BUT, Milos is a step ahead. Let’s point out some of the secrets of the island in order to understand better the quality of this magnificent Greek island. 

Milos has more than 70 sandy and mysterious beaches that challenge visitors to discover. It also has catacombs second only in historical significance to Rome’s, the remains of an amphitheater that once held 7,000, a pretty capital in Plaka with labyrinthine streets, a castle on a high summit, and archaeological, maritime, ecclesiastical, folk, war, and mining museums.

Visitors move through monuments of stone and never see the same thing twice. Even the open-cast mine at Voudia is too impressive to handle. It is like a gigantic, multi-colored mineral version of Chinese terraced agriculture. References had been made by Hippocrates to the peculiar morphology of spectacular caves (Papáfragkas and Sykiá) and a multitude of thermal springs (Kanáva, Alykí, Provatá, Pikropiyí). The diving enthusiasts will find a paradise in the underwater caves in the triangle formed by Mílos, Kimolos, and Polýegos islands.

Inspiring Wedding in Milos, captured by Vasilis Kantarakis

The island’s villages are lovely and unforgettable too. The stately Pláka (the island’s capital), the harbor of Adámantas, the beautiful Hivadolímni, the marvelous Emporiós with the little lagoon of Revary and the old iron mines. All the beautiful landmarks and special beaches are there for the guests and couple to enjoy while they are on the island to celebrate each destination wedding. Cultural experiences, tastings (local taste proposals: watermelon pies, cream cheese pies, and bonbons with white pumpkin), museum visits or parties at the numerous beaches are only some of the pre-wedding or post-wedding activities that can be offered on the island of Milos. 

Beaches of Milos

There are more than 70 amazing beaches to enjoy swimming & snorkeling with your better half, beloved friends and family. Among them stands out Kléftiko with its turquoise waters and Sarakíniko with white sharp rocks cutting deep into a sheer cliff; add the unique lunar landscapes, the rocky secluded caves, the mysterious catacombs, the “sleeping” volcano, and a picturesque Cycladic Chóra provide a unique version of romance! Add the wild beauty of Alogomántra, the open cave of Papáfragkas, the sheltered Ahivadolímni- the biggest beach on the island where also the island’s camping site is situated – and the beaches of Fyripláka, Yérakas and Tsigrádo adorned with grayish-red rocks.

The Charm of Milos 

Only on Milos and its neighbor Kimolos, will you encounter small colorful houses by the sea, the so-called “sýrmata”. There, the fishers used them as shelters for their boats during the cold and windy winters. Other sites worth visiting are the Catacombs of Tripiti and the mystical Sulfur Mines. The whole area of Trypití is full of caves carved on the rock that was used as family tombs.  

Another highlight is the white-washed Chóra adorned with beautiful churches, such as Panayiá Korfiátissa and the Catholic Church. Moreover, well worth visiting are the local Museums, such as the Folk Art and the Archaeological Museum, where also a replica of the masterpiece of Aphrodite of Mílos is kept. Adámantas, built like an amphitheater overlooking the Aegean, is the second biggest natural harbor in Greece and is quite famous for its bars & nightlife. Do not forget to visit Apollonía, on the northwestern tip of the island, which combines the vibes of a fishing village with the new and amazing smells of the best restaurants on the island. Totally recommended to visit and re-visit… 

Pre & Post Wedding Activities in Milos

A destination wedding in Greece, especially on a island, is first and foremost an opportunity to immerse your guests in a hands-on multisensory experience of Greece. Think Happy Events always encourages the couples to plan activities for the wedding that involve seeing and feeling the island like the locals do! For unforgettable wedding experiences in Milos, a must do boat trip is suggested. Starting from Apollonia’s picturesque little harbor will guide through the island’s rugged beauties, or take a step up by visiting the opposite situated island of Kimolos.

Moreover, for the adventurous couple, Milos boasts the biggest network of dirt roads on the Cyclades. Setting off on a walking tour following ancient-old paths, which used to be the only “road network” until the previous century is an experience to remember forever. Many of the little roads lead to secluded beaches of pure & wild beauty. Also, what about a pre-wedding surfing party? The area of Ahivadolímni is ideal for wind-surfing, whereas the dirt road network in the areas of Emporió and Trahilas is perfect for off-road adventures.

For the foodie couple, plan a tasting with local treats like mouth-watering handmade pies, the so-called “ladeniés” (oil-made) and “tireniés” (with cheese filling). Along with local spirits made all year round from the villagers, is something difficult to forget.

Elopement in Milos 

For the couples that want to spend their celebration focused on one another, an elopement in Milos will be a stunning choice. The perfect elopement plan? 

Wake up together on one of the picturesque hotels of the island. 

Get ready and with the photographer and/or videographer wonder around the island. Visit Sarakiniko early in the morning, a sandy beach without shoes, explore the castle district at dusk when the sun washes Chóra with its warm golden light and take the dreamiest wedding portraits. 

Enjoy a quiet ceremony on a balcony followed by a dreamy table set for two. 

The Castle’s top, the benches on the courtyard of Panayiá Korfiátissa church or Panayiá Thalassýtra are all ideal spots to enjoy this breathtaking scenery that will certainly weave a powerful spell on you! Also, an alternative could be to plan for you a private tour to dive on secluded beaches and well-hidden rocky caves, perfect to celebrate your elopement and enjoy the setting. For us, renting a boat from Adamantas port to find favorite beaches that you have never thought of, is totally recommended & take advantage of your time on the island’s beauties.

Plan your Destination Wedding in Milos

Milos is lovely for a wedding day and all the experiences on the island. Create memories via activities for all guests that will never forget. Think Happy team can help every couple that wants to have an authentic Wedding Experience on the island. Check out this stunning Oceanside wedding we planned on Milos, as well as this bohemian wedding ceremony held in the ancient theater of the island, and start thinking if this island feels like the place you’d like to say your vows on and celebrate together with your friends and family! Contact us to book your happy date!