What Is a Micro Wedding and Should You Have One?

In the last couple of months more and more of our couples ask us about micro weddings and what are they. These small-scale affairs have been gaining popularity for a couple of years. We will likely see a whole lot more of them in the very near future. This incredibly intimate wedding trend is evolving fast. There is a growing demand for both micro weddings and elopements in the wedding market.

A significant number of new couples want to get married with limited guests, limited planning, and limited budget. For us, a “petit wedding”, a “minimony”, a “tiny wedding” or a “micro wedding” are essentially more intimate and sophisticated events, created with incredible thought and curation. The trend for having a micro wedding is growing, and if you’re after a small wedding with a focus on guest experience, it could be the right choice for you!

What is a Micro Wedding?

You and your partner may have discussed the possibility of eloping. However, if you know you can’t bring yourselves to shy away from tradition, there’s another option: a micro wedding. A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale. With fewer guests comes less work, fewer opinions, and people to please, less budget required, and more options in terms of spaces to celebrate.

A micro wedding differs from both an elopement and an ‘intimate’ wedding. An elopement is usually done in secret, will be attended by just the couple marrying and two witnesses, and is often a quick and simple registry office ceremony. A micro wedding on the other hand is a full wedding day, just on a smaller scale. The advantage of a micro wedding is that it doesn’t have to include all the components of a ‘traditional’ wedding day if the couple doesn’t wish to incorporate them in their celebration. It all depends on whether the wedding traditions are important to the couple or not. If they don’t resonate with your values or vision, there’s no pressure to include them!

Why choose a smaller wedding?

Smaller weddings are inherently more intimate and there’s plenty of room to get creative. With micro weddings, brides and grooms can twist tradition in ways that might be more difficult with larger affairs. Also, having fewer people on your guest list may allow you to stretch your dollar further. For instance, with a smaller number of invitees, the increasingly popular three-day wedding weekend might be within reach for couples on tight budgets. We find that guests really get to know each other well and spend a good amount of time together, while the couple is able to focus on all of their guests throughout the weekend.

A micro wedding is an opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed day and make it meaningful for you and your guests. The main reason our couples opt for a smaller wedding is that they want their day to be relaxed, they don’t want the stress of a big event. A small wedding of up to 50 or 60 guests is often much less stressful for couples. It strips the planning process right back to the things that are most important to you as a couple: the people you absolutely want by your side and the experience you want to create for yourselves and your guests. This is a personal experience for everyone.

The pros of going micro

There is something very relaxed and wonderful about small weddings – more time to chat, more time to just enjoy the spaces and time together. You get this incredibly supportive, happy, and warm atmosphere. A small wedding doesn’t mean having to compromise on style or the type of day the couples want. Our weddings always look beautiful and, although the guest list is small, they are big on style and atmosphere.

On a micro wedding, you spend more time with your guests. At a big wedding, couples are lucky to get five minutes to catch up with each guest. With a smaller number, you can interact with each and every guest, build deeper connections, and make your guests feel more valued. Also, you’re not restricted by timings and multiple guests’ timelines. The beauty of a smaller number of guests is that you can be flexible with how and where you marry. A weekday wedding may suit you better and be a more practical option for you!

Though a massive guest list would make for a full and festive party, another potential pitfall is you wouldn’t be able to catch up with everyone there. A smaller wedding and fewer expectations allow you to be more flexible and creative. You’re free to change things up—for example, you won’t feel pressure to include wedding traditions that have never really resonated with you.

Do you need a wedding planner for a micro wedding?

Just because your wedding is smaller doesn’t mean you can’t justify a planner if you want one. Having someone with great supplier contacts and who’ll be there on the day to make things run smoothly will reduce stress. We include planning and coordination on the day as part of our service and inclusive price. We have built up relationships with brilliant, local suppliers who also specialize in small weddings, and we can quickly put a team together for our couples, based on what they would like. This way it is stress-free and tailored just for you!

What is an elopement wedding?

The definition of an elopement has evolved in the last five years especially as couples are increasingly personalizing every aspect of their lives. If your heart is set on eloping, we’ve gathered all the information to make this a darling of experience! Traditionally, elopements were considered spur-of-the-moment and unplanned events involving an element of secrecy. Today, there is still an air of sweeping romance involved in elopements, but couples are taking the extra steps to personalize it too.

Should you have an elopement wedding?

An elopement wedding is typically thought of as running away without telling friends or family, but that definition has changed over time. Now, an elopement wedding means that you are tying the knot and celebrating with just yourselves or a small gathering in a minimal, more casual fashion.
We always ask our eloping couples to pick dates that are meaningful to their love story, in addition to incorporating sentimental touches into their wedding vows. Of course, dreamy locations are easier to reach for a smaller size group.

The beauty of an elopement is blending both traditional and non-traditional elements, making your day exactly what you’ve envisioned. Planning an entire wedding can feel like a daunting commitment, but an elopement at times requires some planning, too. Where should you have your ceremony? Who should be invited? What special details should be incorporated into your day? We’d love to help you design your perfect day with as many couples as you want, without compromising the style!

Our thoughts on micro weddings and elopements

The format of weddings used to be one and done, but now weddings have evolved into fully personalized experiences. Gone are the days when the success of a wedding was directly correlated to its price tag with a wedding that truly didn’t fit your vision as a couple. Big is not always better.

By choosing a micro wedding, you’ll share a memory with your immediate loved ones. With a micro wedding, you’ll be able to prioritize spending quality time with each and every loved one at your event. Also, a teeny, tiny wedding will be easier to coordinate, so choose a location sentimental to you!

Finally, we do advise our couples to keep one thing in mind: Having an intimate or large wedding is ultimately up to you. Many couples may get worried about trimming their guest list to the micro wedding level. In Think Happy Events we think it is best, to be honest, and relay that you’re are having an incredibly intimate wedding with your closest family members and friends.

In short, if you want to have a micro wedding or elopement with your loved ones, then so be it. Now is the time to lean into building the foundation for your marriage. If a micro wedding or an elopement sounds like it’s a reflection of you as a couple, then it’s a great way to remember your wedding day in a way that was yours.

The perfect wedding is one with no pressure, just love. And you should absolutely do whatever it takes to achieve this!