Kind words

"The most amazing team"

Elena said...
Chrysoula and her amazing team organised a dreamed wedding for us based on our budget, wants and style. We loved the journey and all the preparations as Chrysoula was helping us on all the decisions. We enjoyed our day without any stress as our friends from TH were managing all the last minute details and they were with us until the very end of the day. Highly recommended for other couples who are looking not only for great vendor teams but for great people as well.


"Absolutely perfect"

Elvira said...
I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with the Think Happy team and our experience working with them. Chrysoula and her team helped us create our dream wedding! They were incredibly organized, responsive, and creative. Not only was everything beautiful, but everything ran smoothly and they made sure our vision became a reality. They were also incredibly sweet and friendly, always accessible, especially during stressful moments that occurred during the planning. When we had last minute changes, they took it in stride and helped us find solutions. They organized an extraordinary team of vendors, and every suggestion they gave us ended up being spot on. Early on in our working with them, we realized we could trust them implicitly and we were not disappointed. I cannot sing their praises enough and would recommend them to anyone planning an event in Greece. We feel so fortunate that we were able to work with them on our wedding!


"Think Happy Team was absolutely amazing"

Katerina said...
Chrysoula and her team made all our dreams come true on our special day! Excellent taste in decoration, they recommended excellent Vendors and our communication throughout the Year has been incredible. We chose a very challenging location in Sifnos and everything went as planned and even better on our wedding day. Everyone on the team is super friendly and the make you feel like part of the family.
We will definitely miss them!


"The most magical day of our lives, thanks to our amazing team of fairies from Think Happy"

We write this from out hearts and no words could describe what we feel about this most beautiful day of our lives but Chrysoula and her crew helped make the magic and fantasy that is in our hearts come true like no one ever could! They were like part of our big family for us and somebody who was always there to support us in our crazy ideas!

We are from two different cultures (Germany and Canada/Serbia), wanted to get married in Greece in the Greek Orthodox church and had very detailed visions of the fairytale wedding we wanted (a mix of the Lord of the Rings and Greek Mythology, Fairytales and a Midsummer Night's Dream). We had three different cultures and languages we needed to please and manage and a lot of lofty ideas and goals with somewhat limited money to realise them. We knew we wanted to get married in Greece but I didn't have any contacts and couldn't do it all by myself from the distance so we knew we had to get a planner. And that's when God sent us an angel. We didn't know where to start when we researched Greek Islands and we wrote to a bunch of vendors but only one replies that struck a chord with us: Think Happy. Chrysoula and her husband Alex were so sympathethic and attentive and just had this wonderful open and kind aura! We knew right away: these are our planners! They even sent us a presentation without asking for anything in return and were sending us suggestions before we even decided for them!

That is the kind of person Chrysoula is- she takes initiative. She is full of life and fire and any idea we had, any obstacle we faced (like the trouble with getting our papers approved by the Orthodox priest). She was always there and ready to face the next challenge with her team and master it. From day one she sent us her own recommendations and ideas and some of them ended up being the best things we could have done! Her expertise, her creativity, her connections in the industry, her hands on approach to getting things done and always fighting for our interests and trying to get us the best prices, the best of everything - it really felt like more than just a professional relationship but more as if she were a longterm friend or sister! She really cared for us! When we came to Greece to check out the venue the first time we saw that her and her team had a heart if gold and went through all the trouble to show us the venues, organize the dessert and cake samplings and even a whole floral sampling! They drove us around all day showing us these things, getting us water, and even just spending a nice time with us eating and drinking in the evening and giving us a tour of Athens - even though they didn't have to! This made them come into our hearts forever and they hold a special place there.

Chrysoula is better than any other planner we could have asked for because she has heart! She is like a little lioness who will fight to protect your ideas and interests and make the day you imagine happen and we were always able to turn to her, even in the biggest bumps on the road to planning the wedding.

She is also incredible because she was able to work with an incredibly detailed bride like me who wanted to co-plan the wedding with her and do a lot of stuff on her own. Other wedding planners would have difficulty giving up some control but Chrysoula was always able to balance my involvement in the wedding and that is an incredible skill (I was often worried or nervous if things would work out and she would always calm me). She is like a magic fairy, able to make any crazy wishes come true (and believe me, that is not easy because I have a LOT of ideas and wishes and am too detailed at times). ;) But she managed it all with grace and she loves what she does. That is why she is so good at it. Fast and reliable, I whatsapped her , sent her mails and had many questions and she almost immediately tried to find the answer and replied back as soon as she could. She always did more than she had to or more than any other planner would because she really cared about us and wanted to help us - she even packed the decorations we had sent her from Germany herself in her office and sent them all back to us (incl. some dried falling apart flowers we wanted from the wedding as souvenirs). She really is a cut above the rest and I am not exaggerating!

To be honest, while working on the wedding together , we feel that we have not just hired a wedding planner but made a friend for life and I thank Chrysoula and her kind team from the bottom of our hearts for making this day something that words cannot possibly describe.

When we told our friends and family we would do our wedding in Greece everyone was skeptical and against us and didn't think we could pull it off. The only support we had was from Think Happy and each other. But on the day of the wedding and the days and weeks that followed after we heard some of our hardest critics repent and say:
'We are so sorry for doubting you! This is the most beautiful thing we have ever experienced in our life and we will never experience anything so magical and touching again!'
'This wedding will go down in the history of all weddings!'
'No other wedding in our family will ever equal this one. Now everyone must have their wedding in Greece!'
'We thought we were in a fairytale!'
'I felt like I was in a movie or a surreal reality'

People were so mesmerized, they cried so much, they laughed with us and our parents and family beamed at us with pride and joy and no money in the world could ever measure up to the joy that Think Happy and all the other amazing vendors have given us!
The venue, the printables, the florals, the photographers, videographers, music, the chapel, the food and service and everything else was PURE magic and you are our fairy.

God bless you and your team Chrysoula and all our love to you. No words can express what you guys have done for us and what you mean to us and may all the success and goodness in the world come to you and your team! We can recommend you guys to anyone from all my heart!


“It was the best day ever…”

Taghrid said …
Chrysoula is truly incredible. She totally got our vision and executed it so beautifully. She has incredible attention to detail and really invests her energy and love into everything she does. She’s just the nicest and helped us along every step of the way. She was so driven and intent on executing everything the way we had imagined. We couldn’t have planned a wedding on a little remote Greek island without Think Happy. It was the best day ever. Our guests agree too!


“Simply perfect…”

Maria said…
Simply perfect! Only two words that cannot begin to describe how grateful and thankful we are that Xrysoula and her team (especially Eirini) were part of our special day. Everything from day one, the first Skype – Call, then the first day we met in Athens until the big day was ideal! She is really a professional in the field with great connections, full of commitment , passion, fresh ideas and enthusiasm! Xrysoula helped to relieve us from any additional stress regarding preparations, last minute alterations and always tried to make our wishes come true. She was our wedding planer, a sister and a true friend to us! She elevated our wedding in ways we couldnt imagine. We will really miss her brainstorming and her energy that lead to one of the best events our friends and family have ever seen. Xrysoula, her Team and her colleaques are definetely top of the line! Let her guide you and make your dreams come true!


“I can’t say enough good things about Think Happy …”

Anastasia said…
Last Fall 2016, my husband and I made the decision to get married in Athens, Greece. We live in NY, however, we thought Greece would be the most magical place to get married. It was also a happy medium since most of our family are from there. In October, I began the search for the perfect wedding planner as I knew this was going to be tricky planning from afar. I contacted several wedding planners in Athens only to be disappointed with both their pricing and their responsiveness. This was true until I came across ThinkHappy Events...


“We could not have done it without them…”

Kalypso said…
Chrysoula, Eirini and Alex helped us organise an amazing wedding! Their responsiveness, patience and great choice of partners (band, florist, photographer etc) made all the difference! Their creative ideas and previous experience on all sorts of practicalities made everything run smoothly and come together beautifully. We could not have done it without them! We definitely recommend them!


"Our wedding looked like a scene from a movie..."

Gloryson said…
Think Happy is the best! This is not an exaggeration. My wife and I are from Washington, D.C and have only been to Athens once to check out venues so needless to say we needed a lot of guidance. We had so many worries about planning an overseas wedding but Chrysoula and Alex laid all our fears to rest. They are extremely professional and highly personable. They worked with us through our crazy schedules, early morning Skype calls, and last minute technical issues. Above all they have impeccable style and great attention to detail. Our wedding looked like a scene from a movie, with great memories and stories that will be passed down for generations. If you want our wedding to be a fairy tale come true, then Think Happy is for you!


"...I am beyond thankful I found Think Happy events..."STIMONIALS

Angela said…
Think happy events was the reason why everything on my wedding day turned out as beautiful as it did. Chrysoula went above and beyond to help me with everything from wedding invitations, centerpieces, florals, a treat table, decor at both the church and the venue and the list goes on!! Working with her and her team made me feel so comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. She is a great listener, replies to emails quickly and comes up with great ideas! She also knows all the amazing venues and the best vendors which makes everything such an easy process. Planning a wedding overseas while on the road for work most of the year would seem super stressful but I am beyond thankful I found think happy events because I couldn’t have designed or planned anything as perfect as they did all while feeling at ease. Trust me when I say they were they are the best!


"It was refreshing to work with a team so professional..."

Ariana said…
Think Happy made our dream wedding come true. We live New York and had our wedding in more of a remote place in Greece (Gytheio, Greece). We were a bit nervous when beginning to plan our destination wedding, but the Think Happy team definitely made the process much easier. Working with Think Happy was an absolute pleasure. It was refreshing to work with a team so professional, while also having that personal friendly experience. The actual wedding day couldn’t have gone any smoother. They just get it! From the decor, to the liaising with the other vendors and to scheduling- they were perfection. We highly recommend Think Happy!


"...our wedding a dream come true”

Andreas said…
We have enjoyed our wedding and our journey to that marvelous day and that is thanks to Think Happy. Chrysoula and her team guided us throughout the preparation of the wedding she always came up with great ideas and what I admired more was her ability to come up with proposals we really liked even when our brief was not clear enough. At the day of the wedding her team took care of all the details and we only had to enjoy the day with our guests. Her delicate taste, the attention to detail and the professionalism of her team and of the vendors she has recommended to us made our wedding “a dream come true”.


“… positive people who made us think happy…"

I suggest to every couple to prefer Think Happy company!!!! Great professionalism and positive people who made us think happy and positive!!!! Exceptional quality of materials!!!!! Thanks for everything Think Happy!!!! Our wedding was fantastic!!!!