How to Create the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinners for us are always more about the people attending, the Christmas cheer is brighter when around the table there are friends. Especially during an epidemic, focusing on our little bubble of the closest and dearest brings in our hearts warmth, and love. We want to inspire everyone to create a beautiful Christmas dinner setting for the fistful of people invited this year, or even just for the family! Christmas day is about letting go, enjoying the small pleasures, the subtle luxuries of a fine dinner, and a glass of wine while the lights twinkle away. It’s a day without worrying, a day about love and light.

Our dear friend Vasilis Kouroupis captured the day perfectly, once more, twinkling lights and all! Jim Labracopoulos – a floral design genius – created the most stunning floral decorations and brought a little bit of nature into our home! Love Me Do gave us the most precious stationery to the table and amazing gift suggestions and paper goods with their unique style! Aelia Crafts made the day twinkle away in her beautiful jewelry pieces, while Despoina Xenaki created artful pieces to decorate the table and the tree! The food was so flavorful by Cocoon Catering – just wait till you see the roasted turkey, the ultimate Christmas dinner. What can we say about Pavlov’s Lab and his sweet treats? They were stunning! White Lilac gave us the ultimate dinner art de la table, while Tore Rentals and Props Deco Rentals made sure we had the right pieces for our dinner. The Christmas atmosphere wouldn’t have been warmer if it wasn’t for the assistance of Music Essentials and Hermione Tsentidou helping us with the flat lay styling! Thank you, everyone!

Bringing the warmth to the Christmas table

Ironically, Christmas is the celebration of light, during that time of year when we need it the most, so we have to compensate. We put up candles in the living room, in the dining room, and some scented ones all around the home to bring warmth and an atmosphere of security. Even if the living room is at the heart of the Christmas celebrations, we suggest decorating the other rooms as well. A candle here, a garland there and the whole house will be filled with wonderful Christmas cheer!

Christmas Cheer around the home

Make sure that your children feel the atmosphere even in their rooms. Help them create pieces to personalize their décor. Hang Christmas stockings in the Mantlepiece if you have one or under the tree. Everywhere! For the children, nothing beats beautiful and delicious sweets. Candy canes for the tree, red licorice ribbons, and chocolate pieces in decorated bowls. Don’t forget to decorate outside with lights, and a Christmas wreath on the front door!

Christmas Table Decorating

The dining table is the most important part of the Christmas season. Choosing well all the pieces will create a real Christmas atmosphere! The most important thing when decorating the table is the perfect combination between the food and the plates and glasses where it is served. If both combine perfectly, your dishes will be the stars of the night!

We focused the table design around a beautiful centerpiece composing of smaller centerpieces. Being creative with the centerpiece and will get you an instant impact. We added festive flourishes and pomegranates for the wishes of abundance and good luck.

We set the scene with lighting. Christmas is all about being cozy, as well as all things twinkly, so we used candles along with fairy lights to supplement our usual dining room lighting. 

For the guests to take home, we added a table gift on each plate. The ceramic spinning tops by Xenaki Ceramic Design were perfect – playful and artistic! Not only they added an extra decorative element to the table, but they also made all our guests happy with the playful gift!

Choosing the right tablecloth, napkins, and silverware is very important in creating a lovely table experience. We Used a muted, more minimalistic tablecloth to bring forward the lovely florals. Red linen napkins and golden silverware made our Christmas dinner come to life. The deep eggplant purple crystal glassed added the drama while keeping everything sophisticated!

There are many ways to decorate for Christmas but you should know some tips to create a special atmosphere and not overload the house at holiday dinners. Focus on Creating levels with your styling. The key to dressing your dining room to impress is to think in layers and tiers. We had a table centerpiece as well as a hanging arrangement that brought a scent of the forest to the room and warmed up the design! 

Another thing to pay attention to is pairing the colors well. If you want a classic decoration you can use red and green for everything with a muted third color to ground everything for balance. The most important thing is that all the colors you use combine well with each other. 

Make sure you Decorate the table but don’t forget the rest. If you decorate the table in one way, use those colors, shapes, and styles for the rest of the room! Combining authentic Christmas decorations with neutral elements will give you amazing texture. The most important thing? Keep it simple. Choose and put the right amount of decorations for the Christmas season and you will create a cozy and special atmosphere that will impress your guests without overloading the setting!

Christmas dinner is all about the food

Get in a Christmas mood to prepare the feast and even a few days before. Light a few candles while you cook! If you feel like you’re too busy and would like a more professional touch to the Christmas table you could always hire a professional chef or catering service to make sure the food on Christmas day looks and tastes perfect! For the menu, Coccoon Catering Services created an amazing collection of festive dishes, comfort, and warming food selections everyone loved!

To bring the cheer, don’t forget the fragrances associated with the Christmas season. Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and the smell of the tree remind us of Christmas.

All the treats by Pavlov’s lab made the day impossible to forget, bringing sweetness to our Christmas dinner! Gingerbread, butter biscuits, holiday cookies, Almond Kourambiedes (traditional all around Greece), and a – fantastic- chocolate Yule log! But excuse us when we say that the Christmas tart was our favorite! With a wreath out of herbs and Christmas fruit and with delicately smooth vanilla it was our pride and joy – and overindulgence with a glass of sweet mulled wine!

The Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about gifting if you ask us. But apart from the traditional gifts, we like creating little bits of happiness that will guarantee the Christmas cheer!

Our talented friends in Love Me Do, created custom made boxes with personalized tea bags, Christmas jam, and chestnuts, a holiday treat for the guests! Also, gingerbread recipe envelopes are the perfect DIY gift to encourage creativity! Baking is a lovely Christmas past time, especially with children!

Aelia crafts added glamour to the day, with charms and handmade jewelry pieces. A lovely gift suggestion and a sophisticated choice!

Ceramic spinning tops and baubles, as well as Christmas ornaments for the tree by Xenaki Ceramic Designs, made everything brighter! Definitely something worth considering for the Christmas gifts!

A celebration of the atmosphere

Christmas is all about the atmosphere and the people making it unique. A couple of friends, family, only the people that mean the most. We want to inspire you to create something unique for your home this year, focusing on celebrating the small luxuries of everyday life.

Make the effort and step out of the ordinary. Crack open the fine china, the fancy napkins, the crystal wine glasses. Invest in making the season bright by rewarding yourself and your family with a lovely wholesome experience drenched in Christmas cheer. It doesn’t matter that the guest list might be restricted this year – brighter days are upon us and a hopeful new year starts soon!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Think Happy Team!
We’re wishing you the best in all your endeavors and a year filled with success!


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