Traditional Wedding, Mani

Mani is located in the Southern part of Greece. The place is known for 3 things: the long lasted tradition, the rebellious but kind people and the local products that are well known all over the world! This styled shoot combined all the elements of Mani in a single wedding. This was the task for the creative team to fulfill. The inspiration, but also the challenge. The outcome was a blend of modern ideas with the tradition and the roots of this land. The concept was originally created from products of Mani. Using pomegranate, the symbol of well being and fertility. A local fruit that exists in every garden of Mani. The landscape, Mani itself. The unique environment of stone and wood in architecture. The squared buildings, the solid arches, the secret yards. Dominated by the background of the high mountains and the endless deep blue of the Greek sea.

Photo Credits : Elias Kordelakos